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Welkom op onze website, fijn dat je ons gevonden hebt.

Welcome to our website, we’re happy you found us.


We versturen 4-6 x per jaar een nieuwstijdschrift met het laatste nieuws uit de winkel, borduurtips, boekbesprekingen, speciale aanbiedingen, interviews met ontwerpsters, gratis patroontjes en nog veel meer.

We send out a newsmagazine 4-6 x a year with the latest news from the shop, tips, special offers, interviews with designers, free graphs and more.

You can sign up by entering your email in the first box, called “ email” and your first name in the box “naam”. Then hit the button that says “Aanmelden”. You will receive a confirmation email, in which you get a link, you need to click on, in order to confirm your subscription. Once you have done that, you get another email with the link to the current issue of the newsmagazine and past issues.